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The 99.9% Facial

Indulge in one of our 75-minute facials from our [Face] series of treatments, thoughtfully curated and customised with clean skincare products exclusively for the face, neck, décolleté, shoulders, and scalp. This experience is crafted to revitalise your skin and promote healthy skin, muscles, and lymphatic longevity at every stage of your journey.

With our 99.9% facial, you get exactly what you need, handpicked every time.

[ Cleanse, Nourish & Rejuvenate ]

This 99.9% facial treatment has been developed to do exactly what it says [ Cleanse, Nourish & Rejuvenate ].
Your tailored experience can include any or all of the following:
- Double cleanse with personalised products
- Exfoliation for smooth + radiant skin
- Active steam infused with enzymes + foot massage
- Customised mask treatment with shoulder + scalp massage
- Expert facial massage techniques
- Intraoral massage for targeting those tight facial muscles

Perfect for those looking for:

  • Carefully selected skincare products and methods catering to their specific needs and concerns.

  • Noticeable enhancements in skin texture, tone, and glow.

  • More energy & moisture for fatigued or stressed skin.

  • A comprehensive skincare approach combining relaxation and targeted therapy.

  • Alleviation of tight facial muscles and tension through specialised massage techniques, including buccal massage.


[ Release, Shape & Define]

Our expertly crafted facial shaping treatment harnesses the power of gentle and deep tissue massage techniques, lymphatic drainage, buccal massage, gua sha and cupping therapy.


This holistic approach awakens your skin's innate healing abilities, providing relaxation and rejuvenation for your muscles & more flow in your lymph.


Excellent at preventing or reducing tension and softening wrinkles. It also encourages lymphatic drainage to remove excess fluid and toxins, resulting in a more defined appearance.

Perfect for those looking for:

  • Those seeking to enhance skin health and maintain a youthful glow.

  • Stressed or lacklustre skin in need of plumping, firming, and a natural botox alternative.

  • Relieving tight jaw symptoms including TMJ disorder, jaw aches, and teeth grinding.

  • Alleviating tension headaches.

  • Combatting facial puffiness, tired eyes, and can help with congestion.

  • Tackling dryness, dehydration, and dullness for a refreshed complexion

How many facial massage treatments should I have for the best results?

In all our 99.9% facial treatments, we focus on retraining the muscles to create muscle memory and improve the efficiency of the lymphatic system, which is essential for achieving long-lasting results.

While immediate changes may be evident after just one session, we recommend integrating our treatments into your self-care routine at least once a month to biweekly to achieve your goals and maximise the longevity of your results. 


  • Inflamed skin, those on Roaccutane.

  • Skin infections

  • Active/healing cold sore in the area being treated

  • Active cancer or history of skin cancer

  • Pregnancy under 12 weeks

  • Diabetes

  • Loss of sensation within the skin

  • Oral cavities or bleeding gums

  • Lymphatic issues

  • Botox within 2 weeks of booking

  • Fillers within 4 weeks of booking

  • Chemical peels within 4 weeks of booking

  • Microneedling within 2 weeks of booking

  • Microblading within 2 weeks of booking

  • Dermaplaning within 2 weeks of booking

  • Microdermabrasion within 2 weeks of booking

  • Laser resurfacing (dep) within 2 weeks of booking

  • Facial hair removal within 2 weeks of booking

If you are not sure what to book please message us before booking.  As we can guide you on the best treatment or make adjustments where needed.

If you are currently experiencing active acne, please send us a message so that we can provide you with the best advice regarding your booking.

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