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Step into a realm of holistic rejuvenation with "Tranquil Flow - The Prototype," an extraordinary creation by Sonia Rose.


Sonia's approach goes beyond the conventional, addressing your physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. With a strong background in personal training and a wealth of knowledge and experience in Lymphatic Drainage, mixed in with a rich blend of Ayurvedic, South American, TCM, and Thai principles, Sonia brings a distinctive touch to your wellness journey.

This treatment isn't just a routine; it's a tailor-made transformative experience that stands alone or effortlessly combines for the ultimate urban retreat. "The Prototype" is a special blend of Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurvedic detoxing techniques, Thai foot acupressure, and Umā's signature foot facial, all curated for a truly connected experience.

Picture a deep cleanse, invigorating exfoliation, and a calming herbal foot steam setting the stage for your escape.

As you indulge in this unique session, let the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern wellness envelop you. Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki energy, bespoke music, sound healing, and crystals will seamlessly elevate your journey.

Through the deliberate use of acupressure points and the luxurious touch of naturally sourced tools—imagine the grounding warmth of wood, the soothing energy of crystals, the elegance of the precious kansa, and the finesse of skilled hand manoeuvres—all work together to elevate your senses.

Then, dive into the decadence of an Indian head massage, giving you profound clarity and balance that calms your entire being. This isn't just a treatment; it's an invitation to a sensory journey.

"Tranquil Flow - The Prototype" transcends the conventional; it's the living embodiment of Umā, blending contemporary solutions with ancient rituals.


Harmonizing art, rituals, healing, music, creativity, wellness, and beauty—this isn't merely a treatment; it's a refreshing embodiment of a concept within a concept.

Are you prepared for the first step in a truly transformative experience?

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