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Caesarean 'ScarEase' Therapeutics

Caesarean 'ScarEase' Therapeutics at Umā. This innovative approach combines manual scar therapy with Brazilian lymphatic drainage for remarkable results.

At Umā, we're dedicated to providing unparalleled comfort and care, transcending boundaries to ensure your experience is truly exceptional.

Developed through collaboration with renowned scar therapy instructor Emma Holly and Brazilian drainage specialist Sonia Rose, this treatment is curated specifically for mothers post-Caesarean. It revolutionizes women's health care, addressing scar tissue healing, fibrosis, digestion, and more.

Experience a treatment that exceeds expectations, delivering exceptional outcomes with every gentle and soothing touch.

Our therapeutic solution has been developed to:


- Stimulate changes in scars, both on the skin surface and any adhesions or fibrosis in the underlying tissue.


- Promote functional and cosmetic improvements after surgery.


- Reduce common symptoms such as pain and sensitivity.


- Assess and treat any associated functional changes.


- Support emotional well-being after surgery or trauma.


• Suitable for scars after 6-8 weeks postpartum check.


• Also suitable for mature scars - we have achieved great success & changes with C-section scars up to 20 years old!


We recommend 4 - 6 'ScarEase' therapy sessions for optimal results."

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