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Our Rituals

Step into "Our Rituals," where every offering is a testament to our dedication to your well-being.

Each treatment has been crafted with your comfort and rejuvenation in mind. From toxin-releasing lymphatic drainage massages, body shaping wood therapy, to naturally nourishing and toning facials, or our healing reiki & sound healing sessions, our rituals are designed to inspire and uplift.

Let us guide you on a journey of self-care and discovery, where every treatment is a celebration of you. Take your time to peruse our offerings and choose the ritual that speaks to you. Your path to relaxation and renewal awaits.


Lymphatic Drainage + Wood Therapy

Discover our meticulously crafted fusion of Brazilian Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Columbian Wood therapy massages.


Non-invasive, 100% natural.

Includes post-surgery options too.


Benefits: increased circulation, toxin release, toned skin, muscle recovery, stress relief.

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Reiki + Sound Healing

Experience Reiki's transformative potential with Sonia Rose our Reiki master.


Our blend of reiki & sound healing offers a profound mind-body-soul experience.


Alleviate physical discomfort, ignite innate healing, soothe stress, and foster inner peace amidst life's chaos.


Cultivate more harmony, & elevate your personal growth with Reiki at Umā.

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Embark on a holistic journey with "Tranquil Flow - The Prototype" by Sonia Rose, blending Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurvedic detox, Thai foot acupressure, and Umā's signature foot facial.


Experience rejuvenation and connection.


The 99.9% Facial

Promote increased skin longevity with a 75-minute Umā [Face] ritual.


Experience high-performance results and pure relaxation with our exclusive facial massage treatment.


Crafted to harness gentle and deep tissue massage techniques, lymphatic drainage, and buccal massage for a more radiant and defined look.

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Caesrean 'ScarEase' Therapeutics

Experience a revolutionary post-caesarean therapy.


This non-invasive treatment enhances scar healing, lymphatic health, and emotional well-being, delivering exceptional results for all mums.

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