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Hi everyone, it is with excitement and much gratitude that I welcome you to my site.
My name is Sonia and I am a certified personal trainer as well as an online health and wellness coach specialising in home and online fitness.
My health and wellness journey has been from a very young age! Growing up, I was always conscious of my weight (as most of us women are) due to media influences and culture.
I was pregnant with my first child at 18 and suffered from PND. My health should have been at the forefront but age combined with my illness I did not have the answers.
You have to start somewhere!

Fast forward a few years, I had my second child whilst at university. My life was just non-stop, so I ate badly, did not sleep enough, was overworked and was just not living a healthy lifestyle.  Then in 2016, I had my third child and this was a real turning point for me with regards to the way i saw myself. I was just so upset with the way I looked as the weight was not dropping off and I felt myself slipping into an unhappy place.
Then something switched. I took accountability for what was going on and began studying proper nutrition, how to exercise, and mindfulness. In doing this I found many things that worked for me & fell in love with healing. In sharing my journey I became a go-to for many people who were also on a similar journey.

It became apparent to me that I had found my calling which was helping other women with the necessary tools to do it all! Which included looking after themselves even with their busy lifestyles!

I followed my intuition, evolved & used my own journey to shape my business this has manifested into a successful coaching career with a healthy, down-to-earth, spiritual & modern twist in which I use all my knowledge & experience to help women daily to get to grips with their mental, physical & emotional wellbeing by using ancient & modern techniques.


My road to coaching began in 2012, and I am qualified in the following:

BA (hons) Education & community studies
Level 3 Personal trainer
Reiki Master
Life coaching diploma
Meditation teacher
Traditional Tantra diploma

I am fully insured to offer support online & in-person.

I work with women worldwide so do not hesitate to contact me.

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